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Wine Making Equipment and Supplies

Just to give you an idea of what it costs to get started.
All prices are approximate and in Canadian dollars -- updated August 17, 2000.


Basic Equipment

Additional Equipment


With the exception of the yeast, these things will last through many batches of wine and are available in varying sized packages at varying prices. To cut costs when you are just getting started, only buy the supplies you need for the recipe you have chosen. And remember: only one package of yeast is needed for up to 5 gallons of wine.

I use one 5 gallon secondary and six 1 gallon secondaries. The 1 gallon jugs are used for small batches (1 to 4 gallons) and for large batches (5 gallons in the large secondary plus 1 to 4 gallons in 1 gallon secondaries). I also have one half gallon jug. It is useful if there is any extra that won't fit in the 5 gallon. I can then use it to top up the 5 gallon after racking the wine.

If you are making your fisrt batch of wine, you don't need to get bottles, corks and a corker. The wine may be stored in one gallon jugs with the airlocks on them. Just be sure to keep the airlock filled with water or the wine may spoil. Or, you can purchase screw-on lids for $0.12 to $0.40 each. Either way, once you start drinking the wine, you will have to finish that jug within a few weeks to prevent it oxidizing from the large airspace.

More Wine Recipes

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