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Some of my favourite food sites, and where I got the graphics that I didn't create myself.

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Other Websites I Maintain

Gargoyle Press

Gargoyle Press is a stone lithography printmaking studio producing collaborative prints with artists. Learn the history of Lithography. View our gallery. Find out how a lithograph is made.

Childrens' Craft Ideas

Arts, Crafts and other interesting things to do with your kids.


Virtual Chocolate: Join the chocoholics club, send a chocolate postcard.

Arielle's Recipe Archives: A really good list of recipes.

Top Secret Recipes: Clone recipes for all your favourite foods.

Info on virus hoaxes

Whenever I receive a virus warning by email, I check one or more of these sites to see if it is legitimate, or just another hoax. So far, they have all been hoaxes.

I did see a story on the news about a virus that I looked up on these sites. They provided the information I needed to protect my computer from it, and others like it. Very useful resources.

Computer Virus Myths home page Virus Information

SARC - Virus Hoaxes

Other Stuff

The Free Site!
This is where I found free web space, free graphics, free wallpaper, free screensavers, free web tools, free fonts, free postcards, free counters, etc.
I continue to use this site to find new resources for my web pages.
Lots of useful information on promoting your website. Includes tutorial on META tags and a submission tool.

Dalmatian World Free Dalmatian Graphics
A fair sized site with nothing but dalmatian graphics. Go there to get some graphics, or ideas for making your own animal graphics.

Kelta Web ConceptsKelta Web Concepts
Lots of wine and drink related graphics available here.

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