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Mixed Fruit Wines

I have often been asked for recipes combining two or more different fruits. So, I decided to provide some information on combining fruits in recipes.

The easiest way to combine fruits in a wine recipe is to mix two wine recipes together in the same primary fermentor. So if you want a strawberry-peach wine, Put all the ingredients from the Strawberry Wine recipe and all the ingredients from the Peach Wine recipe in the bin together (remember that one package of wine yeast is sufficient for up to five gallons of wine).

If you only want to make one gallon (rather than two), then put half the recipe for each wine into the bin.

Mixed berry wines are even easier. Just select any berry wine recipe and substitute whatever combination of berries you desire for the berries in the recipe.

For more experienced wine makers, fruits may be added to any fruit recipe. For example, if you just want to add a couple of peaches to the strawberry wine, go ahead. Then check the specific gravity to be sure the sugar level is correct, and test the acid level to make sure it is not too high befor adding any acid blend or citrus juice.

Suggested Combinations

These are suggestions only and is by no means a comprehensive list.

Cranberry Apple
Apricot Banana
Peach Strawberry
Mead Any fruit
Almond Cherry
Strawberry Watermelon

The main points to remember when mixing fruits are:

And most of all, have fun!

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