Roxanne's Miscellaneous Recipe Index

Miscellaneous Recipe Index

Here are the recipes that didn't fit anywhere else. Some are idea pages, like the bacon and breadcrumbs. Others are things that go with other things, or things you wouldn't eat by themselves like sauces or pastry. Some are substitutes for things you may be buying at the store. Take a look -- you may find some money savers in here!


Bread Crumbs

Cheese Pastry

Elephant Stew

Ersatz Condensed Milk

Graham Crumb Crust

Happy Day

Lemon Curd

Mock Whipped Cream

Never Fail Pastry

Pancake Mix

Pesto Sauce

Pizza Dough

Quick Tomato Sauce

Rainbow Bread

Rich and Flaky Pastry

Shake and Bake

Shirley Temple

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Vegetable Dip

Waldorf Salad

Watermelon Punch

Wine Sauce

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