How to Cook a Coot

Recipe file created November 30, 1999.
An old family recipe handed down for many generations. I chose not to use a modern recipe format in order to retain the flavour of the oral recitation, just as I received it.

Take one coot. Pluck and clean the bird. Put a brick in the cavity. Season well with salt, pepper, and garlic. Place in a large casserole dish. Add 3 cups water to dish. Bake, covered, 12 hours. Add 1 bottle white wine. Return to oven for a further 12 hours. Add 4 chopped onions and one more bottle of white wine. Bake another 12 hours. Continue adding 1 bottle of white wine every 12 hours until the brick is soft. Then discard the coot and eat the brick.


The Coot, or Mud Hen, is a one pound water bird that resembles a duck.

-- Rox

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