Cheese Cake

Recipe file created January 14, 2000.
This is a variation of my Mother-in-laws' recipe. Quick and easy to make.


Set the cream cheese out to soften. Prepare a crust. Beat cream cheese with electric mixer until smooth. Add whipping cream. Continue to beat until mixture thickens. Add sugar and lemon rind. Beat until stiff. DO NOT over beat, or the cream will turn to butter. Put into prepared crust. Chill until ready to serve. Top with fresh or canned fruit, mincemeat, or pie filling.


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Rich and Flaky Pastry

Graham Crumb Crust

Cheese Pastry


You can add 1 or 2 tablespoons of liquer to the cream for something extra special. Remember, this isn't cooked, so the alcohol won't evaporate.

I ususally use spreadable cream cheese. It is much easier to get a smooth texture from it. I have also successfully used lite cream cheese. Be careful if you are using the microwave to soften the cheese -- it may cook one area, and not touch another area at all.

-- Rox

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